About Us

Welcome to Nitto – the only home for the full range of products from HARU stuck-on design; and Stálogy.

Nitto was first established in Japan in 1918. Since that time we have had a long history of specialising in manufacturing adhesive tape-related products and electrical insulation materials.

With so many years of specialist experience and knowledge, we have been at the forefront of inventing innovative solutions, creating materials for a whole range of environments, from housing, to automotive, to medical industries.

For our new approach for the future, we are going to use the extraordinary technological ability and specialist experience we have built up, to develop a new range of exciting lifestyle products, aimed at everyday life use.

These new products are based on ideas directly relevant to consumers, products designed to enhance the lives of as many people as possible, to provide real value for money, and to bring excitement with Innovation and creativity.

Two of the newest additions to the product range – two lifestyle brands now available to European customers – are HARU stuck-on design, and Stalogy.