Welcome to Nitto – the only home for the full range of products from Haru stuck-on design; and Stálogy.


Nitto was first established in Japan in 1918. Since then we have had a long history of specialising in adhesive tape-related products and electrical insulation materials.

This experience and knowledge has meant that we have been at the forefront of inventing innovative solutions, creating materials for a whole range of environments, from housing to medical industries.

For our approach for the future, we are using this extraordinary ability and experience to develop a new range of exciting lifestyle products, aimed at everyday use, designed to enhance the lives of as many people as possible, combining innovation and creativity with value for money. 

Two key additions to that product range are HARU stuck-on design, and Stalogy.


HARU stuck-on design is totally fresh concept – allowing you to add colour to interiors and objects in a way like never before. Stick on and peel off, create and explore – it will turn you into a designer and artist in an instant.

There are four sizes of tapes (5cm, 15cm,30cm, 60cm) which have a specially developed glue, so they can be attached to walls, floors, furniture, skateboards – whatever you like. You can add colour to rooms, bring a plain table to life, or make your wheels the coolest on the block.

What’s amazing is that the tape can be peeled off without damaging any surface. So you can enjoy seasonal colours, keep up with trends, or just keep on creating new ideas whenever you like. Just peel off and stick on.


We created Stalogy as a celebration of the beauty of clear communication. Since the earliest times people have made marks – on cave walls, in the sand – marks that have been about messages, notes, lists, images, beautiful in their simplicity, and important to those who have something to say.

In this age of intense computerisation, we wanted to create a range of stationery that reminded people of the sheer beauty of direct, hand-crafted communication. Where quality of materials would encourage handwriting and personal use, and creativity could find space to wander. Where simplicity of good design is the keynote.

That is why we have produced a beautiful new range of note books, sketch books, pens and pencils, and sticky notes, designed for all of those who have creative thoughts to communicate and who care about the values of great design.


Nitto reached its 100th year in 2018. It is an extraordinary anniversary for a company to have achieved, particularly one so committed to the innovative development of new products, creative ideas and future paths.


If you are interested in becoming a stockist for Stalogy, please find out more here.